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    House Districting

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    Part of Quincy now falls in a majority-minority House district, Patriot-Ledger, Feb. 11, 2021

    Click for Jesse's report from testimony to Joint Committee on Redistricting testimony (June 8, 2021)

    Click for Additional documents for Redistricting testimony (June 10, 2021)

    Randolph is split into three state House districts, and none of our state representatives in the Massachusetts House are from Randolph. That’s not coincidence – re-districting to get political power for Randolph requires political will and political effectiveness – both of which are lacking in Randolph’s political representatives.

    Every House district in Massachusetts contains about 42,000 people. Randolph had 32,000 people in the 2010 census, and Randolph’s population is growing so we warrant a state House district just for Randolph in 2020. A representative from Randolph would represent the people of Randolph – unlike our current “representatives.”

    Right now, our representatives focus on the people of Milton and Braintree and Quincy – where those representatives live. Take a look at the town of residence of all of the recent State Senators and State Representatives for Randolph:

    • Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth State Senate district:
        Sen. Walter Timilty of Milton, 2017-date
      • preceded by Sen. Brian Joyce of Milton, 1998-2017
    • 7th Norfolk House district:
        Rep. Bill Driscoll of Milton, 2017-date
      • preceded by Rep. Walter Timilty of Milton, 1999-2016
    • 5th Norfolk House district:
        Rep. Mark Cusack of Braintree, 2011-date
      • preceded by Rep. Joseph Driscoll of Braintree, 2003-2011
      • preceded by Rep. Joseph Sullivan of Braintree, 1993-2003
    • 1st Norfolk House districtL
        Rep. Bruce Ayers of Quincy, 1999-date
      • preceded by Rep. Michael Bellotti of Quincy, 1993-1999
      • preceded by Rep. Michael Morrisey of Quincy, 1979-1993

    Randolph has not had a resident in the Massachusetts House for decades. That’s one of the reasons that Randolph doesn’t get our fair share – of environmental resources, of educational resources, and of economic resources. Our representatives are obligated to represent Randolph even if they are from Milton or Braintree or Quincy. But unless we push them to do so, they won’t push for a fair share for Randolph.

    When the time comes for redistricting after the 2020 census, let's fight for a Randolph district that will have a Randolph representative, for the first time in decades. That will be a tough fight, and we need to start laying the groundwork now, to win in 2022.

    The proposed Randolph-centered House district would be the 21st "majority-minority" House district in Massachusetts, because Randolph is the most diverse municipality in the Commonwealth. After the 2010 census, the state redistricting commission released a report about establishing 20 majority-minority House districts, which exist to this day. Randolph got overlooked after the 2010 census -- let's make sure it's Randolph's turn after the 2020 census.

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Contact: Jesse Gordon 617-320-6989 by text; jesse @ jessegordon.com by email; P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
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