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    Mobility Hub Petition

    The NEW bus petition is on! Mobility Hub petition -- March 25, 2023 -- info below is from the OLD bus petition!

    Meeting on Wednesday Jan. 23 2023 meeting including Mobility Hubs: CSJ 101 Calition for Social Justice meeting at 6:30pm-8pm via zoom! Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88429836679

    Charter Petition to Randolph Town Council - we submitted over 250 signatures, certified in November 2022. Details below.

    Sign online petition (Change.org) - we have already submitted the offiicial petition but we'll presnet your name to the Randolph Town Council!

    Download official charter petition (sign and mail in, instead of online)

    Routes including Stoughton and neighboring towns (RandolphEmeraldNecklace.com)

    Call to Action (this webpage in a one-page printout)

    Right now, many residents in Randolph housing complexes have a long walk to get to the bus or commuter rail. That means they must pay for a car, even if they're committed to commuting by T. We seek to change that, so that residents can get to work without a car, saving a huge expense and improving the environment while reducing traffic in Randolph.

    This petition asks the Town of Randolph to set up a shuttle van or bus service, between under-served residential areas and transit stations and workplaces. For example, from the Rosemont Square apartments on Chestnut West, residents must walk across High Street plus a mile along Chestnut Street to get to the nearest bus stop, the #240 on North Main Street. We propose a town-run shuttle van to replace that long walk, and many others like it.

    We submitted a "Charter Petition", which entitles us to a hearing and a vote at the Randolph Town Council. We would like YOU to come and speak in favor of this petition! Tell your commuting story, and how a shuttle van would help -- come speak in person in Spring 2023, and/or write a letter before then.

    If the Randolph Town Council votes in favor, we would begin setting up a shuttle van in 2023. If the Randolph Town Council votes no, we have the right to put this issue on the November 2023 ballot. We would need your help for that too -- gathering petition signatures in spring/summer 2023.

    Setting up a shuttle van is expensive -- probably over a million dollars in annual expenses plus well over a million for initial setup. There's a state program called Mobility Hubs -- implemented in Boston and in Acton/Maynard and others -- in which Randolph should participate.

      We need your help on these tasks:
    1. Write a letter to the Randoph Town Council of your story (you can read it on TV in spring 2023).
    2. Contact towns with existing Mobility Hubs to cite examples.
    3. Figure out the legal rules for multi-town shuttle vans (this is why the petition is "on hold")
    4. Timing for a Town Council vote and to get on the November ballot (roughly: Jan/Feb for prep; March/April for vote; May/June for signature-gathering).
    5. Estimate costs of Randolph shuttle van setup and operation, based on what other towns have spent.
    6. Create a petition in Stoughton and other towns to include them! (Canton, Avon, Holbrook, and Braintree are already on our routes and could be expanded).

    Petition Text

    We, the below-signed registered voters of the town of Randolph Massachusetts, hereby request that the Town Council, Town Manager, and Town Clerk adopt the following petition regarding public transportation in unserved areas of Randolph:

      The undersigned call on the Town of Randolph to secure funding to provide a bus or shuttle bus to serve residents. Many residents, including those in large apartment complexes have no transportation options. They must walk miles to shop for food, medicine, or postal services. We call on the town to secure funding to provide a regular bus route or a shuttle bus to under-served areas, including the listed apartment complexes.

      Residents of the above, and other under-served areas need to get to stores in downtown Randolph, the Randloph/Holbrook rail station, and make connections to the MBTA.

    Under-served areas of Randolph:

    • Rosemont Square

    • Prynne Hills

    • Pacella Park

    • Francis Crossing

    • Liberty Place

    • Other housing complexes will also be on the shuttle bus route, but they already havea nearby bus route.

    • THe destinations will include transit stations and commercial workplaces.

This is the BLUE petition in our 5-color collection
Contact: Jesse Gordon 617-320-6989 by text; jesse @ jessegordon.com by email; P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
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