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    LGBTQ+ Petition Succeeds: It's codified!

    PETITION: LGBTQIA+ Progress Pride Flagraising

    RANDOLPH, FEB 5, 2024: The "Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising" is now codified in Randolph, after Kathleen initiated a petition and collected signatures aimed at codifying LGBTQ+ rights in Randolph.

    Last year, Kathleen Crogan-Camara collaborated with the First Congregational Church -- a church long known for social justice -- the Randolph DEI, and the Town of Randolph, on Randolph's first "Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising."

    "We put in a lot of work in 2023 for the first Progress Pride Rainbow flag-raising," says Kathleen. "The Town of Braintree did their first Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising in 2022 and then 'codified' it into a permanent Braintree ordinance. So I started a petition to 'codify' the same in Randolph, so the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag will get raised every year."

    Prior to June 2023, Randolph had been raising the 6-color rainbow flag -- which did not include the Progress Pride stripes. Kathleen says, "Randolph is a majority-minority town so symbolizing people of color is important -- the PROGRESS pride flag does that." For that same reason, Kathleen collaborated with the Randolph DEI -- the "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition." Kathleen says, "I didn't want people of color from the LGBTQIA+ community to have to go outside Randolph to feel supported."

    Kathleen adds, "the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag is inclusive," and cites its creator, Daniel Quasar. In 2018, Quasar re-designed the existing rainbow flag to incorporate the transgender flag, as well as black and brown stripes to represent LGBTQ+ communities of color, with the black stripe having an additional meaning for "those living with AIDS, those no longer living, and the stigma surrounding them," according to Quasar. The additional colors were added in a chevron shape to represent forward movement.

    Kathleen notes, "It's important to codify things like this, and I use the word 'codify' because for 50 years we failed to 'codify Roe' and then we lost our rights. Codifying the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag ensures that we don't lose the gains we've made in Randolph."

    Kathleen initiated the idea of the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising in early 2023, with the Randolph Town Manager and the First Congregational Church, and then the Randolph DEI. Kathleen says, "When we celebrated Pride Month in June 2023, that church was part of the celebration, along with the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising."

    This resulted in the Randolph DEI hosting the first Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising in June 2023, which is "Pride Month." Later in 2023, Kathleen initiated a "Petition to Council" to codify the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising for 2024 and beyond. Kathleen started gathering signatures on the Petition in early January 2024.

    A month later, after Kathleen's idea reached the Randolph Town Council, Kathleen says, "Thanks to the residents of Randolph who signed the petition -- let's declare victory -- the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising is now codified!"

    PETITION TO COUNCIL -- LGBTQ+ Rights & Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Raising

    We, the below-signed registered voters of the Town of Randolph Massachusetts, pursuant to Randolph Town Charter Section 7-6, hereby Petition the Randolph Town Council to adopt the following measure:

    That the Town of Randolph supports the rights, freedoms, and equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) individuals and acknowledges that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. The Town of Randolph will support efforts to ensure the safety of our LGBTQ+ residents, as well as ensure the protection of rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ residents. Every June the Town of Randolph will celebrate "LGBTQ+ Pride Month" to provide an annual, public opportunity to learn about the contributions and strengths of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as to support efforts to ensure the protection of rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ residents. The celebration will include flying the Progress Pride Rainbow Flag in front of Town Hall.

    See press release by Kathleen Crogan-Camara too

This is the GOLD petition in our 5-color collection
Contact: Jesse Gordon 617-320-6989 by text; jesse @ jessegordon.com by email; P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
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