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Presidential Decorum Petition

    Aug. 1, 2020

    Dear Randolph voter,

    Council President Burgess has received calls to resign from both concerned citizens and his fellow Town Council members. Several public documents are enclosed detailing those calls -- see "contents" below.

    The enclosed petition formalizes the calls of concerned citizens for a public hearing and vote of "No Confidence" by the Town Council. Upon 150 registered voters' signatures being certified, the Town Council must take up the issue, and vote within 30 days.

    A "No Confidence" vote does not force Council President Burgess to step down from the presidency -- that can only come voluntarily -- but it publicizes the issue and allows a forum for airing the full panoply of complaints.

    We're asking you to sign the enclosed petition, as well as your family and friends, and mail it back as quickly as possible. Printing extra copies is acceptable, if you'd like to distribute to others. Mail to the address below, and thank you!

    Jesse Gordon
    c/o Randolph United
    P.O. Box 448
    Randolph MA 02368
    (617) 320-6989


Section 7-6. Petitions To Council Or School Committee The town council or the school committee shall hold a public hearing and act with respect to every petition which is addressed to it, which is signed by 150 voters, or more, and which seeks the passage of a measure. The hearing shall be held by the town council or the school committee, or, in either case, by a committee or subcommittee thereof and the action by the town council or the school committee shall be taken not later than 3 months after the petition is filed with the clerk of the council or the administrative assistant to the superintendent, as may be appropriate. Hearings on 2 or more petitions filed under this section may be held at the same time and place. The clerk of the council or the administrative assistant to the superintendent shall mail notice of the hearing to the 10 persons whose names appear first on the petition at least 48 hours before the hearing. Notice, by publication of all such hearings, shall be at public expense.

Check back in the coming weeks for progress on the petition

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