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    Welcoming Town Resolution

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    We, the below-signed registered voters of Randolph Massachusetts, hereby request that the Town Council adopt the “Welcoming Town Resolution”, in its entirety; the resolution says in summary:

    • The Randolph Police shall not detain any person solely to investigate their immigration status

    • The Randolph Police shall not inquire into immigration status of any persons seeking police assistance

    • The Randolph Police shall not offer assistance to immigration authorities beyond what is legally required

    • These practices represent the long-standing practices of the Randolph police.

    Background and Purpose

    • This petition publicizes the existing policies of the Randolph police with regards to interacting with our many immgrant neighbors.

    • Nevertheless, our Town Council won't support a Resolution about this policy -- in other words, they won't agree to publicize the existing policies!

    • Their reasons range from "You should go tell people yourselves" to "This is just a Sanctuary City resolution in disguise."

    • We DO want to go tell people ourselves -- but we want to tell them "Your Town Council agrees with these good policies about police relations with immigrants" -- and they won't agree!

    • We ARE NOT seeking Sanctuary City status -- that would mean we ask our police to NOT comply with federal law -- we are not asking for that!

    • We need to tell our Town Council that we want them to endorse the existing policy, and then publicize that our police will respect our immigrant neighbors, within existing law!

This is the BLUE petition in our 5-color collection
Contact: Jesse Gordon 617-320-6989 by text; jesse @ jessegordon.com by email; P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
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