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    Council Order for an Annual Report on Grants and Earmarks

    Request for the Town Council to Amend the Town of Randolph General Ordinances To Add a New Section 56-2 concerning annual reporting:
      Ordered: The Randolph Finance Department shall report annually on the total revenue received from grants, earmarks, loan forgiveness, revolving funds, and other sources of non-general fund revenue. The annual report shall include a breakdown by:

    • A list of received amounts, with a brief description of each;

    • The description, for grants exceeding $1,000,000, shall include a summary of the purpose of the revenue, plus the applying department and relevant notes for future applicants;

    • A breakdown by source, indicating state vs. county vs. federal sources vs. other funding sources;

    • Applicability to the operating budget, the capital budget, or both;

    • The amount received in the current year, and a description of amounts received in past years from this same source, and amounts expected in future years;

    • A list of grants applied for but not awarded, with recommendations for re-application.
    The annual report shall be presented to the Town Council following the completion of the capital budget, by October 1 st of each year.

    Existing section: Chapter 56 REPORT, ANNUAL § 56-1. Delivery. The Town Manager shall produce a bound annual report no later than June 1 of each year; these reports shall be available at Town Hall and the Turner Free Library

Contact: Jesse Gordon 617-320-6989 by text; jesse @ jessegordon.com by email; P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
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