Resolution: 2021-                                            Introduced By:            Councilor Natacha Clerger

                                                                                                            March 1, 2021


Recognizing Cultural Diversity of Randolph
by establishing “Municipal Cultural Celebration Days”


WHEREAS, Randolph has been rated as the most diverse community in Massachusetts for several years, in terms of racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and cultural diversity; and

WHEREAS, the people of Randolph wish to embrace our diverse origins and celebrate the magic of Randolph, as a model for cultural inclusion and breaking down barriers between “us and them”; and

WHEREAS, the people of Randolph wish to connect with our neighbors who may dress differently and speak with different accents; who may commemorate different holy days and holidays; who may enjoy different foods and decorate their homes differently; and who worship in different ways and respect different symbols; and

WHEREAS, all of the people of Randolph wish to share, as a community, the holy days and holidays of all of our community, by participating in cultural events that the town of Randolph recognizes, including parades on town streets, food events on town property, and acknowledgement in town publicity; and

THEREFORE, the Randolph Town Council hereby expresses their support for official recognition of “Municipal Cultural Celebration Days” as listed below, with other possible “Municipal Cultural Celebration Days” to be added later at the discretion of the Town Council; and

THEREFORE, the Randolph Town Council establishes “Municipal Cultural Celebration Days” as officially recognized by the Town Government, including excused absences for students when such holidays fall on school days; permits for parades and food events on public property; listing all such events on the official town website and town calendar; without any direct monetary expenditure for such events; and

THEREFORE, the initial list of Randolph “Municipal Cultural Celebration Days” shall be:

·         Epiphany (Three Kings Day) on January 6th each year;

·         Lunar New Year in late January or early February;

·         Vietnamese Lantern Festival in the spring of each year;

·         Haitian Flag Day on second Saturday of May each year;

·         Juneteenth commemorating June 19 Emancipation Day;

·         Caribbean Flag Raising in summer of each year;

·         Nigerian Independence Day on Oct. 1st each year

·         Cinco de Mayo on May 5th each year